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What would you call a #fraternity of #werewolves? Ψ LOOKS like a W in "awoo" but Ϝ is PRONOUNCED that way. 

31 deviants said Alpha Psi Omicron (AΨO)
17 deviants said Alpha Diagamma Omega (AϜΩ)

WEREWOLVES VERSUS SPACE is now available, and one of my stories is in it!

Yes, WVS is your only chance to read Venusian Werewolves Have It Easy! It's part of 165 pages of space elevators, Egyptian pyramids, bounty hunters, star-gazing, poor quarantine protocols, heckin’ ray guns and more! Seriously, there's some quality awoo going on here.

Buy now and get it for whatever price you think is fair, including free (though if you get it for free please share a link to the issue).

Get it here and pay what you want!


Canine Cola
Canine Cola was bottled by Lupine Liquids in Maine, a company better known for their line of pep drinks for dogs and rehydration products for "natural hunters" (an early euphanism for lycanthropes). They produced the drink under license from GeneCo--then known as Selectable Traits Inc.--with an eye toward catering to the underserved and marginalized werewolf population of the Northeast. GeneCo was confident that canidin, one of its extracts, would give the drink a delectable taste that only werewolves could experience.

Instead, it had the effect of randomly switching imbibers' forms, activating latent metamorphy genes (usually temporarily), and even temporarily manifesting lycanthropy in otherwise unaffected individuals. The effect was especially pronounced in young women, as the baby-blue coloration of the beverage turned away many other potential customers. Lupine Liquids attempted to capitalize on this by advertising Canine Cola as a thrill drink for someone who wanted a "safe" and "temporary" experience as a "natural hunter."

This led to a moral panic, one exacerbated by a notorious incident in which a Oceanside State University coed turned into a werewolf in the middle of a lecture on Pliny. Lupine Liquids was accused of having a pro-werewolf agenda, of "converting" innocents to lives of depraved lycanthropy, and of being in the employ of the Soviets (because, hey, when you're making accusations, why not?).  Canine Cola was pulled from the market and Lupine Liquids shut down permanently. This led to a number of statutes banning "shape of form altering drinks" until these rules were struck down in Gnasher vs. Oceanside City. Canine Cola is a collector's item today, highly prized, though drinkers confirm that it kind of tastes like wet dog.

This cool art is by :iconyogoat: and you need to favorite the first part here and the second part here. You can buy one for yourself here!
WANTED: The Unicorn Kid
International Morphological Foundation Bulletin #21-14-09-03-15-18-14
WANTED For Questioning!
NAME: Mercedes Maria Martin
ALIAS: "The Unicorn Kid"
1 count possession of shooting iron within city limits
12 counts public intoxication
127 counts unladylike behavior
38 counts wearing of pants by non-male
17 counts stabbing
22 counts assault with magical creature
4 counts trampling
5 counts horse theft
5 counts whores theft


The aforementioned alias is simply the most well-recognized; the subject has also gone by many others including Nora Cummings, Adeline Jones, Jane Grey, and Miguel Sanchez. No biographical details are available, though we surmise that she was born near the border in Arizona to a Mexican mother and possibly an American father. Sighting patterns indicate a drifter, and arrest records confirm this. The IMF field office in Tuscon speculates that stress and/or heightened emotions cause Miss Martin's metamorphy, but the possibility exists that she has full or complete control of the process. Apprehension for questioning is therefore a top priority.

-Marshal Ellis, IMF field officer

The lovely artwork here was a gift from :iconnolhyaa: and you should favorite it right here! The public domain original artworks are from here.
A ScissorsRunner Birthday Card!
Guys, guys! Look at the AWESOME card my best pal :iconscissorsrunner: made me as a birthday card! Isn't it the best? Isn't SHE the best friend anyone could ask for?

The answer to these questions is "yes."
Clawtex: Finally, a Nail Polish for Lycanthropes!
Lord knows it's not being easy staying well-groomed and stylish as a lycanthrope. In addition to buying twice as many clothes in two different sizes, and of course the omnipresent danger of major rippage, most nail lacquers are unable to withstand the rigors of digitigrade locomotion.

No more!

Introducing CLAWTEX from GeneCom, the first nail polish specifically formulated for lycanthropes. Its patented GeneFlake™ technology allows it to remold itself to suit any shape from nails to claws, and its tough industrial strength polymers stand up equally well to days spent typing in the office and nights spent hunting small (?) prey. Best of all, it comes off easily with GeneCom's REVERT™ solvent!

This awesome art is from :iconteknicolortiger: and the public domain original is from this source.


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nothere3 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017
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