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Mey Ling the a-MEY-zing Pandancer! by nothere3 Mey Ling the a-MEY-zing Pandancer! by nothere3
Not every patron of the Wyrm's Hoard Metamorph Club was interested in exotic dancing. For many years, every Sunday the club would host a fine arts event highlighted by classical ballet. The ballets tended to be written by in-house composer Serge Villiers, but one perennial favorite was selections from Ravel's Danse Metamorphique, the first ballet written for metamorph dancers. Danse Metamorphique's intense difficulty, requiring dancers to transform mid-step several times, meant that only Mey Ling the Pandancer was able to perform it successfully.

Born to Chinese laborer parents who had fled Sichuan due to the Manchu stigma on pandamorphs, Mey studied in Paris but found herself quite unable to perform with her unique gifts. Even if she remained human throughout a performance, discovery of her true nature inevitably led to immediate firing. Dances in panda form in Pandatown similarly ended disastrously, and Mey was nearly attacked by an angry panda mob after sneezing herself a human face in mid-performance. Ultimately, it was the challenge of Danse Metamorphique, and the high pay at Wyrm's Hoard, that allowed her to support herself when otherwise out of work.

The incredible art and text was done for me by the incomparably sweet :iconscissorsrunner: from a public domain background I modified from this source.
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